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As you look over the various positions available at Grace Church, our desire is for you to understand as much as possible, prior to submitting your resume, what it means to be on the staff team.

Therefore, please consider familiarizing yourself with Grace Church by engaging in the following ways.

1.  Explore the website.  Understand what Know It, Live It, and Give It Away is about.

2.  Read through the following documents of Grace Church:



We believe the Bible, made up of the Old and New Testaments, was inspired by God, and in the original writings, is without error. We believe the Bible was written by God through several chosen people, and therefore, speaks with the authority of God while reflecting the backgrounds, styles, and vocabularies of its human authors. The Bible is the unique and final authority on all matters of Christian faith and practice, and therefore, every individual follower of Christ bears the responsibility of knowing and studying God’s word on their own as well as with a community of believers.



We believe in one God, creator of all things, infinitely perfect and eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This concept is known as the Trinity.



We believe that the Father, who is the first individual person of the Trinity, is the creator, law-giver and protector. He has a plan for individuals and humanity at large, known as His Will. He is also called Father because of the Father-Son relationship revealed in Jesus.



We believe that the son, Jesus Christ, gave up his privileges as God to become human and live on earth over 2,000 years ago. He lived a perfect, sinless life giving us our example for living. Because he was without sin, he did not deserve to die. But, as an act of love and grace, he offered up his life in exchange for ours. He took on the payment of our sin. After three days, he was raised from the dead, returned to heaven and now serves as the only mediator between a perfect God and imperfect people.



We believe that the role of the Holy Spirit, as the third person of the Trinity, is first to bring conviction to a person’s heart of their need for God’s gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. Second, the Holy Spirit guides, instructs and gives supernatural gifts to followers of Jesus for godly living, acts of service and spiritual unity with other believers.



We believe that people were created in the image of God and designed to be in a loving, intimate relationship with Him. However, all people, either actively or passively, have chosen to control their own lives and live independent from God. This is what the Bible calls sin. The effects of this break in our relationship with God, such as loneliness, unhealthy behaviors, selfishness and lack of love, can be reversed if we accept God’s gift of salvation in Jesus and allow Him to define and direct our life. The gift of salvation is simply that; a gift. There is nothing we can do to earn it and each of us can access it equally, no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done. God loves us all and wants to be reunited with us.



The Bible instructs followers of Jesus to gather together on a regular basis to worship, pray, receive teaching from God’s Word, reach out to help others, use our gifts, encourage and build each other up and to participate in communion and baptism. Wherever God’s people meet to fulfill all these instructions, there is a local expression of the body of Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of His Church and that each local church chooses leaders, called elders and pastors, to make decisions for their specific congregation. Grace Church has several distinctive practices including our unique expression of baptism by triune immersion and three-fold communion.



We believe that spiritual growth is a natural result of a close relationship with God and results in spiritual transformation, personal growth and positive life change as we become more like Christ. However, this requires our ongoing willingness and intentionality in the practices of Christian living. “Know it, Live it, Give it Away” is simply Grace Church’s challenge for each of us to know the Bible for ourselves, live in biblical community with others who are pursuing Christ-likeness, and to offer our lives and resources to help others connect with God.

We live to make Jesus make sense.

We are preoccupied with making any necessary sacrifice to make the story of Jesus clear and accessible to anyone seeking after Him.


We do our best with everything we have.

We are committed to excellence and effectiveness for the gospel. We will maximize every resource to focus our creativity and our efforts on the ministry that makes the most impact.


We do hard things.

When given two options, we will choose the one no one else wants to tackle. We will intentionally go where hope is hard to find.


We share life together.

We cannot live without honest relationships. We are resolved to figure out how to love God, love each other, and live on mission together.


We live to give.

We practice joyful generosity. We give our time, resources and ideas with ridiculous selflessness.


We are fully committed to kids and students.

We unapologetically devote major resources and energy towards shaping a God-centered worldview during a person’s prime developmental years.


We have no spare parts.

Everyone in the Church has an essential part of play.
By discovering and developing how we fit into God’s storyline, we experience unimaginable supernatural life change in and around us.


We actively seek ministry partnerships.

We work purposefully to maximize impact for God’s Kingdom through strategic partners. Grace Church cannot go it alone, and we will leverage strengths of diverse organizations and churches to pursue the movement to which God has called us.

3. Watch this introductory video from our Senior Pastor.

This will give you a better understanding of Grace Church and if this is a place that you could whole-heartedly support with your time and energy.

If so, great!  We look forward to receiving your resume.



Ministry Area: Administration: Human Resources (HR)

Ministry Position: Coordinator

Time commitment: 15 hours per week, part-time non-exempt salary

Staff contact: Debra Hullinger, Human Resources Manager

Position Overview:

As a regular and faithful attendee of Grace Church, this ministry position is designed to effectively serve the staff of Grace Church by supporting the Human Resources Manager and assuming ownership for various tasks and responsibilities in the world of HR.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Sports Ministry

Ministry Position: Administrative Assistant

Time commitment: 20 hours per week , part-time non-exempt hourly

Staff contact: Donny Varney, Sports Ministry Pastor

Position Overview:

As part of the office administrative team, the purpose of this position is to provide exceptional organizational services for the sports ministry department of Grace Church with special attention given to supporting the administrative needs of the sports ministry pastor.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Administration, Facilities

Ministry Position: Coordinator

Time commitment: 10 hours per week, part-time non-exempt salaried

Staff contact: Pastor Ezra Wimberly

Position Overview:

This position is to serve the guests of our weekend services by providing direction, leadership, inspiration, training and administrative support to our First Impressions volunteers. Each of the 3 First Impressions coordinators will be assigned to directly oversee several weekend services, and work together to provide a unified experience for our guests. They will also share weekly administrative duties of the First Impressions ministry.

This position will be responsible for the overall health and effectiveness of the ministry taking a lead role with their team of coordinators.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Bath Campus Office

Ministry Position: Administrative Assistant

Time commitment: 25 hours per week , part-time non-exempt hourly

Staff contact: Leigh Ann Hradil, Bath Campus Manager

Position Overview:

As the assistant to the Bath Campus Manager and HR Manager, this ministry position is designed to effectively serve the ministries of Grace Church by executing projects and tasks that lead the people of Grace in a growing journey with Christ, by being responsible to give office support to the staff at Grace Church, Bath Campus.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Creative Arts Ministry (CAM)

Ministry Position: Pastor of Worship Ministry

Time commitment: 48 hours per week, full-time exempt salaried

Staff contact:  Pastor Ezra Wimberly, Executive Pastor of Campus Culture

Position Overview:

This position requires an experienced worship leader with a pastoral heart and the ability to lead and coach musicians. Strong musical abilities, creativity, and developed leadership skills with an emphasis on multiplication are a must.

The Pastor of Worship Ministry will oversee and implement the vision of music and worship ministries of the Bath Campus. The main responsibilities will be to organize and execute with excellence the weekend adult services (weekend services and worship nights) and cultivate a culture of worship throughout Grace. Responsible for recruiting, training, scheduling, leading musician volunteers, leading worship, and shaping the effectiveness of the worship ministry.

Works under the vision and direction of Pastor Ezra (Executive Pastor of Campus Culture) and the executive team, and closely with other staff to accomplish goals of the department and the mission of Grace Church to “Know it, Live it, and Give it Away.”

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Marriage and Care

Ministry Position: Marriage and Care Administrative Assistant

Time commitment: 25 hours per week, part time non-exempt hourly

Staff contact:  Pastor Robby Neidlinger, Marriage and Care

Position Overview:

As part of the Administrative Assistant Team, this position exists to give support to the Marriage and Care team and its pastor, by executing the tasks and projects necessary for the people of Grace Church and the community, to give and receive care and support. This position reports directly to the Pastor of Marriage and Care with a dotted line reporting to the Marriage and Care Coordinator and Bath Campus Manager.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Office of the Campus Pastor

Ministry Position: Administrative Assistant to the Campus Pastor of Ellet Campus

Time commitment: 20 hours per week, part-time, non-exempt hourly

Staff contact: Gary Underwood, Campus Pastor of Ellet Campus

Position Overview:

This position provides administrative support to the Campus Pastor, manages special projects, coordinates travel arrangements and other tasks that assist the efficiency of the Campus Pastor. As part of the office administrative team, there will be general office assistance to be given at times.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Administration

Ministry Position: Office Manager

Time commitment:  20 Hours; part-time, hourly, non-exempt

Staff contact:  Sonija Scavuzzo, Campus Manager

Position Overview:

The Office Manager is responsible to develop, organize and oversee the Office Support Staff and all aspects of office administration to effectively accomplish the administrative work of ministry. The Office Manager can expect the support and cooperation of the pastoral and ministry lead staff. The Office Manager will support each member of the pastoral and ministry leader staff with administrative support through the support staff.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Live It

Ministry Position: Administrative Assistant

Time commitment:  20 Hours; part-time, hourly, non-exempt

Staff contact: Tony Livigni, Campus Pastor

Position Overview:

This position provides administrative support for the Life Group ministry. The Live It Assistant works directly with the Live It Pastor and Life Group Coaches assisting in coordinating and executing organizational tasks for the Live It Department.

Full Job Description

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Ministry Area: Know It

Ministry Position: Missional Values Assistant

Time commitment:  20 Hours; part-time, hourly, non-exempt

Staff contact: Seth Toncar, Pastor of Missional Values

Position Overview:

This position provides administrative support primarily for the Medina East Equipping Division in addition to other ministry areas under the direction of the Pastor of Missional Values such as Know It and Give It Away.

Full Job Description

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